“Andy is very creative and his circuit classes are a great example of that. He managed to turn exercises that I’ve done before into something much more fun! I remember being at one of his circuit classes and not having the energy to continue, but he helped me push through until the end – great motivator!”
Emilia – Falkirk
“I started my sessions recently with Andrew and it is the best decision I’ve ever made! The workouts are always different and make me want to give the most every day. But, above all, they are fun. Andrew is always there, motivating me to do that last minute or repetition, and he always has an encouraging word waiting at the end of each exercise. I have been a gym user for several years, but I was feeling my progress had been slowing down for some time. Now, thanks to Andrew, I am back on track again. Thanks.
Antonio, Edinburgh
I joined Andrews circuit class and because I am use to a fair amount of exercise, I need to be pushed to the limit. Andrew’s class was very affective for me as all the stations had a progression and a regression. Both for those who are new to circuits or are more advanced. This suited me well. I felt as though I had a great exercise. The atmosphere was great and Andrew’s warm up was surprisingly different to most warm ups I have seen, which made the whole experience a lot of fun. I will definitely be back for more. Thanks Andrew.
Sharon – Edinburgh
Having hit a wall with the usual boring gym routines and not seeing any progression in my fitness levels, I turned to Andrew. He immediately identified that I needed something fresh, new and exciting. He introduced me to gym-based-boxing. WOW. What a workout. Andrew used his vast knowledge of fitness to incorporate other exercises, along with the boxing, to ensure I experienced an intense full body workout. Very impressed.
Stuart Hamilton – Edinburgh