Cardiovascular work with StarkFit

These workouts work your heart and lungs, the driving forces behind being physically fit.

Your heart is the most important muscle in the body and such should not be taken for granted. Strengthening your heart, improves its capacity to support the whole body to function at it’s best.

Cardiovascular (CV) exercises are also known as aerobic exercises, which uses oxygen as the main source from which the body gets its energy. So it is equally important to increasing the lungs’ capacity to provide your body with this energy.

These exercises will involve whole body movements, to get as many of your muscles engaged to ensure that your heart and lungs work as hard as possible to promote overall fitness improvement. It can include walking, running, cycling, swimming, one-to-one boxing, circuits – the options are limitless – and can be performed in as large or small space that is available.

Cardiovascular workouts can be a hard and fast or as moderated as required; but be assured they will increase your energy for life.