Flexibility with StarkFit

Many factors can affect your overall flexibility whether it be, age, gender, heredity or the pressure to follow the latest fashion. However, for most of us, our day to day living at work, rest and play tends to discourage good range of movement around all our joints, which are so important to make any daily task as easy as possible, and also improve your performance during any fitness activities.

There is no doubt the more active you are, the more flexible you become. Engaging your muscles, tendons and ligaments around each joint in these types of exercises, improves your overall performance during any activity.

Flexibility training forms part of every program, commonly in the form of stretching exercises in the warm up and cool down phases. After a good cardio warm up, it is important to include dynamic stretches, which ensures your body is physically ready to perform at its best through the planned exercises ahead.

Even more importantly, to continuously improve your range of movement beyond your training session; static stretches are employed at the end of each exercise program. These form an integral part of the body cool down process. These stretches will maintain and develop your range of movement.

By performing this range of specific exercises and stretches, I can help you enhance your everyday functioning, through improving your range of movement, balance, coordination and speed.

After each session you will see visible improvements.