Core strength

Core Strength with Starkfit

Everyone needs to have a strong core. This program is not about getting a six-pack, no, its about strengthening all the abdominal muscles front, back and sides, so you can perform any physical activity in life well, and without strain or injury.

In our ever increasingly sedentary lifestyles, little is done to promote optimal core strength. So it is imperative for any training to be successful that this area of the body does not get ignored.

The core is like the crossroads of the body, providing a link between the upper and lower body. How efficient and effective all your other exercises are performed, depends entirely on its strength.

Ultimately it is the foundation for your posture and stability. Therefore, with a strong core, all other exercises become so much easier to perform.

All programs will have varying elements of core strengthening built in to ensure your overall fitness can be supported with good technique through improved balance and posture.