Strength and endurance

Strength and Endurance with Starkfit

Most fitness goals require muscular strength and endurance, whether you want to reduce fat, increase muscle size, run, play sports or recover from injury.

This is a full body workout promoting postural enhancement, co-ordination, proprioception (muscle movement memory) and core strength, thus encouraging overall muscular balance.

We can use a variety of simple resistance based exercises, aiming to workout all your muscle groups equally. The best results will be achieved by engaging all the large muscle groups in complex movements first, finishing with the smaller muscles in isolation.

We can use your own body weight, simple pieces of kit or even everyday objects to get the desired resistance and intensity to meet your fitness goals. You will see and feel the improvements after each session.

So if your desire is to improve your overall muscular physique and tone-up (fat-free mass), or build the foundations for your overall fitness, then this is an approach for you.