Weight loss

Weight Loss with Starkfit

Everyone recognises that being overweight is not good for healthy living, and wants to do something about it. In extreme circumstance it can lead to obesity, which can be associated with so many life threatening diseases like cancer, diabetes and coronary heart disease. It can also affect your energy levels, making it more difficult to live life to the full.

Diets and exercise are not just for Christmas! It is a well known fact that weight loss can only be really achieved long term, by incorporating both exercise and a healthy food plan as part of your healthy lifestyle.

The exercises will help increase lean muscle mass, which act as the body’s “fat furnace”, helping to burn off those unwanted calories.

We can evaluate your current diet habits, through a daily food dairy, and advice on ways to ensure optimal nutritional intake and then set up a weight management and exercise plan that targets “fat loss”. This will help you make those life-style adjustments to achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss.

By losing weight you will benefit from increased basal metabolic rate, which in turn, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, providing greater energy, improved health and diet, improved posture and overall physical fitness.

As you can see it is not just about looking good, but also feeling good too; physically, physiologically and mentally.

It’s great to look good and feel fantastic at the same time.