Or with friends

Work out with friendsIt’s great working out on your own, but as they say, exercising in a group can be so much more fun. A dose of healthy competition doesn’t do anyone any harm, in fact acts as a fantastic fitness force.

There are so many places where group circuit sessions can be organised, that makes them all have their own special qualities. The circuit training exercises can involve all aspects of your training needs; however, will in general be a full body work out with a lot of cardio thrown in; just to mix it up and to maximise your fun and effort.

The structure of circuit training really provides so many benefits to your physical conditioning and can be adapted for your wide range of skills and abilities. Circuits can be delivered in the open air, which has the ability to train large groups in high intensity work outs encouraging your hearts and lungs to work overtime and your muscles to burn.

They can deliver so much for you and your friends, motivationally and socially, whilst still providing sheer fun and enjoyment.

With my qualification in circuit training, along with my experience in training and playing rugby for many years and coaching youngsters, I can creates some fantastic sessions, whether it be at your local park or even at the beach!

Make my sessions a part of your social workout diary.