Just for You

Personal training just for youFrom the moment you make the decision that personal training is the best solution for improving your health, fitness and wellbeing, I will dedicate time for you.

The free consultation is the start of your new journey, which gives us a great opportunity to discuss your current lifestyle and conduct a health and fitness evaluation, which will them be formally recorded. A lifestyle analysis is important, as it will include questions about you and your family health history, your current physical activity levels, exercise history, likes and dislikes, occupational factors, diet, stress levels, sleeping patterns, goals, motivational levels and any barriers to taking part.

Testing your physical fitness is important and can act as the bench mark to which we can continuously measure your future fitness successes. Tests appropriate to your needs, goals and capabilities can be used and adds value to your physical fitness profile.

As many of you may have losing weight as your primary goal, I can analyse your dietary habits via you completing a daily food diary, where you will be asked to record all foods and liquids consumed. You will also be asked to record the times of consumption, your energy levels up to 2 hours after and how you feel during and after eating. Taking all these factors in to consideration I can then give valued nutritional advice, which will be integrated into weight management and fitness plan.

Ultimately, the end result will be a jointly agreed dedicated fitness programme designed specifically for and your goals.